Monday, December 29, 2008

Call me cheesy,corny or cheesy corn....

Does anybody remember the song "Save Yourself" by Sense Field?? I don't think very many people do. I was driving around with B.Myers last night waiting for Christian to get out of his guys Bible study, and I stumbled across this song in B's ipod. I played it, and once again 3ish years later, I was blessed by it. I know, that most of the topics with me and my friends, have to do with relationships, past relationships, or relationships longed for, but unattainable. I'm reminded daily by my allison that, "Jesus has your perfect help mate. Don't worry" and that "there is NOTHING too hard for the Lord." (Genesis 18:14), and Britt Merrick once said "The person behind the promise IS the power." The cliche, but true phrase "Let go, and let God." Is constantly becoming more and more real to me. I understand that He has me in the place that He has me for a reason. Allison shared with me, something that she heard at the womens Christmas tea at Calvary Chapel San Juan Capistrano, and It made the picture that was clearing up, a little bit MORE clear "Not only does God have a PERFECT timing, He has a PROPER timing." AGH! Is what I said to that! How true!! Not only does EVERYTHING happen when it's supposed to-It happens when it's appropriate. How GREAT is our God?!?! Pretty dang Amazing!
Anyways, I started out talking about a song, so I figured I'd end with the lyrics:

(Keep in mind, the lyrics ARE a little bit cheesy, but they're a reminder, to the girl who forgets sometimes, that there IS something perfect and proper .)

Turn out the light Just say goodnight, to yourself May I remind you
When you find you, you're all alone is when you've got to be strong
Cause that's when they call you, in the nightHe's got your picture in his mind
He's got your number on a paper at his disposal anytime Is it really true
Could you save yourself for someone who, loves you for youSo many times we
just give it away, to someone whoSomeone who you met in bar The back of a car
And for a moment you felt important but not in your heart My self esteem, it's been
low, go ahead and count it's been lower than lowI know the feeling of it stealing life
out from under meI want to learn, how you save yourself for someone who, loves you
for you So many times we just give it away to someone who, couldn't even remember your nameCould you save yourself for someone who, loves you for you, loves me for me
Give it away to someone who someone who will cherish your name Cause I want to
learn, can you save yourself for Someone who will love you for you so many times we
Just give it away, someone who, couldn't even remember your nameYou save yourself
for someone who, loves you for you,Loves me for me
Give it away to someone who, someone who will
Cherish your name Cherish your name

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Where to now, Lord?

I fell in love with North Carolina. It's beautiful, I made new friends that taught me how cool hip hop can be, and how tasty soy meat is. Every single friend I made, it seemed that music is where we really connected. I loved being able to spend 2 weeks with one of my favorite people, only to come home and 9 days later-she gets to come and visit. SO excited. I heard things while I was in North Carolina that I can honestly say grieved my heart. It's so sad, to have a certain "impression" of someone, and to trust them with basically all of you, only to find out that they were NOT who they said they were. It's a horrible thing, that I trust so much. It really is. I've gotten beat up a few times emotionally because in my head, there is NOTHING that any of my friends can do wrong. We're human. Thank goodness that Jesus is God. Lord knows that I'd run out of patience REAL quick, and I'd be throwing down lightning bolts like nobody's business! SHOUT OUT TO ELLIOTT SATCHEL- i love you!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

And so the card got declined....

Don't you hate it when that happens? Oh well...I just needed to call the bank. . . problem solved. Today (we'll start @ 230 this morning) I couldn't sleep, so FINALLY @ around 4, I fell asleep. Woke up @ 715, got ready for church, made myself some coffee, and off we went. First service w/ Pastor Rodney Finch (Calvary Chapel Cary), Second service with the youth group (Steve Harris) and then we went to lunch with Pastor Rodney's daughter Shannel, and his granddaughter Zoe. We then went to Target to kill some time, and there is NO better place to kill time, (and waste money) than Target. We had to be at the church @ 3 for pizza, and to leave for what would be one of the best "shows" i've ever been to. Shane and Shane, Bethany Dillon, and Phil W. It was AMAZING! I've never seen Shane and Shane Live, and I've only heard Bethany Dillon on the fish (95.9) and since I NEVER listen to 'the fish'- I didn't really know any of her songs. Phil is always nice to hear from and talk to. It never gets old seeing him with this outstanding ministry, and a beautiful wife, whom I love (Mrs.Mallory Wickham), compared to the nerdy kid with glasses when we were little. It's always fun. Got to talk to him for awhile, acted as his bodyguard to his table, and watched as people stood in line for however long it was going to take to just shake his hand. What a blessing. ANYWAYS. Pictures of the trip to come, maybe tomorrow. 

In His grip, 
(Hebrews 6:15- ". . . and after he patiently endured, he obtained the promise.")

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

38 degrees

In April, one of my very dearest friends Martha E. Hernandez bid me farewell, and moved to Garner, North Carolina to pursue a new chapter in life. I missed her SO very much, that I decided to just ask my boss if maybe I could have a couple of weeks off, to go and visit this random choice of a home. "yes" said my boss. I was shocked, but SOO very excited, that I would get to go and visit my martha, and 5 days ago...the time had come. I packed on Thursday night (Thanksgiving) and was at the airport @ 5 a.m the next morning. I had a layover in Chicago, and then my plane landed in Raleigh/Durham. As I took the escalator down to the baggage claim I could see Martha and Ashley waiting at the bottom. We got SO excited to see each other, it was a definite pee your pants moment. So the 5 days have been bliss. Talking, Laughing, Shopping, Eating and just Being. I've got 9 days left, and we've got plans to go to Wilmington ( where they film One Tree Hill, and where A walk to remember was filmed) and possibly Philly....I'm SOOO freaking excited. I love Orange County, and it will always be "home", but getting away is always nice....