Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh April (as in the month of)

"I never thought my life would end up quite this way, Sometimes it's hard to figure out what I should say I've tried too long to mend this broken heart, I need you, That thing you do."

I love love love that movie.


April is going to be the best this year.
I get to celebrate Easter, my very favorite Holiday. (April 12th)

I get to go see Hillsong United, with some of my very favorite people. (April 20th)

I get to go on a road trip to Oregon, with Jessica,Katt, and B.Myers. (April 23rd-27th)

It's going to be ri-freaking-diculous!!!

I am SO SO SO excited!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Is it anything like the TV Show?"

Asked the guy @ Starbucks in Carpinteria today, who'd never been here. "Hahahahah NO." I replied. Sure we've got lots of drama, and "Typical Orange County people", but for the most part we're NOTHING like the show.

Carpinteria was AMAZING. I had so so so much fun. We did Lunch @ "The Spot" and Dinner @ the liquor store, that has the mexican food being made inside-DELICIOUS; sketchy, but delicious. We spent about an hour, at Coffee Bean, an hour at the Beach, and the rest of the time walking around,not spending any money. It's nice to go someplace where you feel like if somebody were to call you to come home, it'd take at least a few days, when in reality you're only 2 hours away. Ah the life of living in California. Next time, I'm taking a train.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Adventure Day (March 16th)

....if you didn't know that, yesterday was "Adventure Day", indeed it was....

The day started off, with me attending a day of School of Worship with Becca. Then we went to lunch with Alicia, at Rubios, and then we went back to the Charis building so that Becca could record her AMAZING AMAZING song, with sir Neil Godding. It was lots of fun. After that, Adventure Day REALLY began. We headed back to Becca's house, where we were to meet up with Katie, and then with our friend from Arizona Chris G, and his friend Peter, (who is our friend now too). Katie got there, and then the boys came. Keep in mind this was the first time, I had ever met Chris G in person, (The girls did, when they went to visit Becca's cousins in Arizona) so I had no idea WHAT to expect of this person. He was loads of fun. ANYWAYS. So we sat around at the Harden residence awkwardly for a few minutes, before we decided, that Adventure Day needed to begin. How were we going to kick it off? Fish Window Shopping. We did so @ "Tong's Tropical Fish" in Fountain Valley. We decided that we only had One hour, and 15 minutes to Fish shop, and then we had to head off to our next destination. We were only there for like 30 minutes. It was lovely-I found a Laker fish that I would like to purchase one day, when I have money again. ANYWAYS. We then decided that we should go to Spinny Park, because WE LOVE Spinny Park, and felt like our crazy friends would love Spinny Park too. So off we went to Spinny Park. We played on the spinny stuff for awhile, and then the boys decided that one of the playgrounds was a ship, and Chris was Captain Ned, while Peter was Eliazar. Yeah. I know. THEN. We headed off to the jungle that surrounds Spinny Park.( Katie thought she saw a bum, but then he later approached us holding his blackberry in hand, asking us if we knew anyone who would appreciate some ramps being built for skateboarding/etc. directly behind Spinny Park-OBV not a bum.) We went exploring for awhile, and Katie stepped on a beetle. Chris named him George Valley, and I threw the last name Harrison (like the BEATLE). It was really sad, and we stood for a moment, mourning the loss of GVH, and Becca prayed for his family, and we put flowers on his grave. We met a dog named Roxy. Then Chris decided that it'd be a really good idea, not to use any paths, so we started off through the mile high weeds. As I was leaping from a low spot, to a little dirt mound, my cell phone flew out of my pocket. FANTASTIC! I spent like 10 minutes looking for it, before Chris offered me the "extra phone" he had in his back pocket. I ignored him, because i didn't want his "extra phone" I wanted MY phone. Turns out, the "extra phone" WAS my phone. JERK! So I punched him, and that was that. THEN! Katie was having a hard time walking through all of the weeds, so I offered her a piggy back ride....we were walking along just fine, when I hit a slick little hill deal, and did the splits (I haven't done the splits, since I was like 10). I seriously, thought I broke my leg, because not only was I doing the splits, but Katie was on my back, so I fell HARD. I pulled a muscle, which is far less severe than a broken leg. The crowd began to LAUGH, and then immediately stopped when they realized I was almost dead. (This is getting too long-so I'm gonna do bullet points.
  • Prehistoric Pets-Frisky Turtles
  • Albertsons-Peter bought some root beer, which on our way to Stone Fire Grill, spilled all over himself. It was a very sad state of affairs.
  • Harden Residence-We ate the Stone Fire Grill, and then Chris played some I'm Yours for us, which we sang the words to, because apparently he didn't know all the words. It also got stuck in Andrew's head (Harden cousin) for the duration of the night, which sucked, because by his own admission he disliked Jason Mraz. We played Apples to Apples, which Becca won, because SHE'S AWESOME.
  • The drive to downtown Disney- We DEFINITELY played some Enrique, and sang his songs from the depths of our souls, because who CANT relate to "Do you know?"
  • At downtown Disney-We went and visited a waterfall, which was beautiful, and then we went and chilled by the fireplace, which was lovely, but kind of morbid, while Chris and I were discussing who would lose ligaments, and who would just flat out die, due to the hanging gate thing, above our heads. We explored a little bit, and lost Peter twice. Then we walked the length of the mall, and then when we were about to leave some strange vendor man asked me "What was that? The Swim?" I didn't hear him, but apparently that's what he said.
  • The drive home from downtown Disney-We listened to some Jason & Colbie, and Lady GaGa.
  • Then we said goodbye.

Then Katie and I had one of our ALWAYS encouraging talks on the way home. I loved yesterday. It was a lot of fun. Thank You to: Rebecca H,Katie A, Chris G, and Peter for making it that way.

In loving memory of George Valley Harrison

Friday, March 13, 2009

Love is STRONGER than death.

I forgot to mention what the verse in my tattoo says. Psalm 61:2 "from the end of the earth, I will cry to YOU. When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the ROCK which is higher than I."

This year High School Winter Camp was entitled "Love is stronger than death."
It was the most incredible camp experience I have ever had, as a counselor, and it far surpassed any memories I have as a camper. For 3 of the sessions we had Jonathan Bilima, who was an incredible blessing to have (He'd gotten married the weekend prior!!), and his wife Pauline was SUPER sweet. We had awesome times of worship with our worship team (Jake Rowley,William Funderburk,Chris Genneway, Janine Genneway,David Beylik,Jessy Nelson, and special guests- John and Jake Randall-ALL whom are some of my very favorite people), and "Breakout Sessions" where the girls were SO blessed AGAIN by Michelle Randall, Pastor John's wife. We played in the snow, went intertubing (which was kinda worth the climb), Jessica got PUMMELED by Mr. Rowley, met a snowman whom I named Mr.Right, and his pet raccoon who I dont think had a name. The spiritual warfare was SO INTENSE! The Lord reminded us that the battle has already been won! That HE is VICTORIOUS, and that we have NO reason to fear, because He is our protection! God is SOOOO good!! Camp was an amazing time, and I am incredibly blessed, and honored that this is where God has chosen me to be! Here are some pictures of our time.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

One Flight Down

"The cadence rolls in broken. Plays it over and then goes. One flight down, there's a song on low, and it's been playing there all along. Now you know." -Norah Jones

Norah Jones and I would be really good friends.

I got a tattoo on Tuesday. Yep. I did it. It felt like my cat Gizmo was carving it out with his claw, but eventually...I became numb, and couldn't really feel it anymore. I went to our family tattoo guy (My little sister is the only one without, now) Bruce at Newport Tattoo in Newport Beach. I was freaking out, because I was afraid of how much pain I was going to be in. I had a lot of fun watching him prep for it though, and if i had ANY kind of artistic talent, that's where I would spend it. So, here are some pictures (1 from Jessica, and 2 from Allison)

And the finished product-24 hours later