Sunday, May 27, 2007


This year, has been one of the most amazing years by far. I met in October some people, that have grown to be some of the closest friends I will ever have. I have grown exceedingly in my walk with the Lord,I have had my heart messed with, only to recover fully, and have it be healthier than before. The Lord is faithful to complete the works He has started in my life. That is one promise I know I can cling to. Now its May,almost June. A few of my friends have grown up I am not ready to. Some of them have moved away, some of them have just decided that once you stop being a certain way, you're not worth the friendship anymore. The Lord has blessed me with an amazing church, the greatest best friends, an awesome family, and He is starting to give me His heart. I am so grateful. This July/August I get the chance to go to England for 3.5 days, Hungary for 6 days, and Romania for 6 days. Doing concerts, and being a light. Spreading the gospel. I am blessed to be chosen by Him for HIs works.