Monday, February 22, 2010

Carpinteria for the night and day

Waiting for the girls to wake up from their nap.
"I don't sleep, I always play."-Aeh
My beautiful Lindsay, and beautiful Sara

Lindsay has the cutest smile EVER!

Here I am, hoping that Nina isn't serious. . .

Reality Carp in the A.M...Always a delight.

Me,Char,Aeh, and Linds

Nina getting her hair did.

Aeh as Spot the dog, AND Princess the horse.
(She was chloe, but when she became a mother, her name changed.)

My back, hugging my lindsay goodnight.

The CUTEST picture of Char ever.

What Charles Haddon had to say. . .

Feb 19th-Blessings through prayer
'Once again I will yield to the plea of the house of Israel and do this for them.'-Ezekiel 36:37

"Prayer is the forerunner of mercy. Search through sacred history, and you will find that hardly ever did a great mercy come to this world, without prayer paving it's way. God has given many blessings without being asked, but still, great prayer has always preceded great mercy. As you think about the great joys of your life, you have seen them as answers to prayer. Prayer is always the preface to blessing. So we see the value of prayer. If we had the blessings without asking for them, we would take them for granted. But prayer makes our mercies more precious than diamonds. The things we ask for are precious, but we do not realize how precious until we have earnestly asked God for them."

Feb 20th-Comfort from God
'God,who comforts the downcast.'-2 Corinthians 7:6

"Who can comfort us like God? One word from God is like a piece of gold, and the Christian is like the goldsmith, who hammers out the promise for weeks on end. So then, Christian, you don't need to sit down in despair. Go to the Comforter. Ask Him to give you consolation. You are a poot, dry well. So Christian, when you are dry, go to God. Ask Him to dowse your soul with joy. Then your joy will be full. Don't go eartly friends. But go first and foremost to the God who comforts the downcast, and you will soon find yourself saying, "When anxiety was great within me, Your consolation brought joy to my soul."(Ps. 94:19)

Feb 21st-God's Promises
'God has said.'-Hebrews 13:5

"When we hide ourselves within the fortress of this statement, all the distresses of life, all it's traps and trials seem light and easy to bear. This simple truth gives us delight in times of quiet meditation, and it gives us strength for our daily battles. There may be a promise in God's Word that would fit your situation exactly, but you may not know it, so you miss out on it's comfort. You are like a prisoner in a dungeon, with a ring of keys. One of the keys would unlock the dorr and free you. But if you don't look for it, you will remain a prisoner, though your liberty is so close at hand. "He has said" is the source of all wisdo. Let it dwell in you richly.